6 thoughts on “Endangered species

  1. Hopefully more will be done in future to let people know about the rock-art. I live in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, which has impressive quantities of rock-art, quite a bit of which was preserved and recorded by Victorian antiquarians (with varying degrees of success). While most people don’t seem to notice the rocks, those who do stop and have a look always seem to be fascinated by the sheer age of the carvings, so clearly there is a lot of interest when people are actually made aware of what’s in front of them!

  2. I wonder if part of the reason for the lack of signposting is to avoid unwanted attention?

    I was at St Bridget’s Kirk, Dalgety Bay, the other week and to my great sadness, the local neds had been busy with a can of purple spray paint. Neither church nor gravestones were spared.

    Perhaps making these stones something you have to actively seek out, rather than be led to, is not a bad thing…..

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes that’s possible, a large rocky outcrop nearby and in a more prominent location has various markings and scratches on it. It could also be that the cupmarked stone is so unremarkable that the park managers feel it does not warrant the expense of a sign at all….

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for this. I had not seen this document but was sure there was another rock-art panel somewhere in the vicinity. Looks like I’ll need to make another visit….

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