Dolmen for sale


postcard 1

Spacious megalith

dolmen and house low res

One large openplan space with single entranceway

star jump in dolmen low res

Limited breeze block consolidation

dolmen interior view low res

Countless careful owners

old postcard

1 million euros o.n.o.

info board low res

Adjacent pub included in sale

 the dolmen bar

inside the bar

Generous viewing hours

dolmen sign 2 low res

All reasonable offers considered

postcard 2


When I visited Dolmen de Bagneaux, Saumur, France, in April 2007 with Jan, Helen and Bam, the monument was for sale along with the pub, whose garden the dolmen sits within. The Bar contains a pool table and a small prehistoric exhibition.

The asking price for the lot was 1 million euros. I did not place a bid.

The sale is still being advertised on the website for the monument – and so for all I know you can still purchase the Dolmen and the Dolmen Bar if you want. The perfect present for the hard-drinking-pool-playing-prehistorian in your life? (Are there are other types of prehistorian?)

The current owners encourage visitors with the tantalising information that:

Through text panels, a collection of prehistoric tools and passionate owners, we invite you to discover this megalith whose construction is still of mystery accents as this behemoth of Neolithic architecture is impressive (via Google translate).

Sources: This dolmen’s website was the source of the two images of the bar, and the old postcard was sourced from here. The modern postcards were purchased at a nearby shop.