One thought on “The art of the Cochno Stone part 3

  1. Spirals and circular designs are very powerful symbols when drawn or carved into rock or paper , artboard etc. I am an amateur dowser and see the effect on a pendulum of the patterns. Your articles on the lesser known aspects of our landscape are very interesting thanks. The roundabout river model is near the river Spey at grantown and perhaps only noticed from above.

    On Tue, 7 May 2019 at 20:49, the urban prehistorian wrote:

    > balfarg posted: “In two previous blog posts, I have explored the art of > the Cochno Stone, riffing off the art bit of rock-art. As a reminder, this > monument is one of the most densely decorated prehistoric abstract rock-art > sites in Britain. It is located on the fringe of” >

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