One thought on “The mechanism of injury

  1. Some responses –
    1) I honestly don’t believe that there is such a thing as coincidence.
    2) “Video henge” That’s a good one! The image reminds me, strongly, of the ‘henge’ in the ‘Beginnings’ section in the National Museum in Edinburgh.
    3) Many of the younger generation of my family, are bikers. I’ve noticed that they appear to accept injury and even death, as part of their way of life. It’s their choice – all part of it. They are Irish Catholics, and have far more ‘mass cards’ for dead friends, than people their age would usually have – and they just accept it.
    ‘Live to ride, ride to live’ is the motto on a picture of a bike, in my nephew’s hallway.
    4) You really do like J.G. Ballard, don’t you? I must have read everything by him, over 30 years ago – the one which stays with me, is ‘The Drowned World’. Say no more.

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