2 thoughts on “Plaque attack!

  1. Interesting as always. I was drawn to the headline, I thought at first it was something to do with (dirty teeth). I would proudly have one of your special plaques on my house. Sorry no interesting archaeology as far as I know. Great read keep up the good work. JAN GANNON

  2. A happier fate befell the cist and beaker which were found at Chealamy, Sutherland. During roadworks in Strathnaver, the workmen found a large flat slab. Unfortunately, their jackhammer had already made a hole in the stone, and through that hole, they could see a beaker in the space below. An archaeologist was called in and the site was excavated.
    The beaker is in the Strathnaver museum, and the cist has ben reconstructed, just outside.
    If you could find out where those road-works took place, that could be another site for a plaque attack?
    When I was there, recently, there was a dandelion flowering in the cist, which, for some reason, I thought was fitting.

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