About this time last year, I posted a range of urban prehistory postcards. They made little to no impact on anyone who looks at this blog, perhaps because you log on to read serious musings about the interactions between prehistory and urban landscapes. So to celebrate this remarkable realisation, here are some more postcards whether you like it or not….

The enigmas of Edinburgh

Greetings from Auchterarder


Excuse me Vicar

Isle of Arran


Blimey another nail in the coffin


Dolmen near houses


Bin to Comrie


Hello Miss


Prehistoric EK by night

3 thoughts on “Postcards 2

  1. Haha! Very very good! We dont see much intermingling of ancient monument with modern life over here in Ireland. Its such a shame. The standing stone known as Lia Fail at Tara was recently vandalised, did you hear about that? Thats the kind of regard we have for our ancient monuments over here.

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